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Singapore Social Media Award nominee for Breakout Star of 2015 well known by her online handle Bellywellyjelly who became a beauty host of TheSmartLocaltv. She publishes beauty and travel videos to YouTube and has earned more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.

Christabel Chua began blogging on her bellywellyjelly as early as February of 2012. She was also the Shiseido ambassador for 2015, and has worked with international brands that include Maybelline, Samsung, L’Oreal, Forever 21 and more. She won Best Skin and Miss Photogenic at Miss Universe Singapore 2014.

Bellywellyjelly and boyfriend Joal Ong created a YouTube channel together called JustAnotherCouple; but they later broke up.

You can check verified Christabel Chua Instagram account for more pictures.

Christabel Chua Sex Videos Bellywellyjelly Scandal Leaked Singaporean Youtuber

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